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ドーラといっしょに大冒険 (meaning "Great Adventures with Dora") is the Japanese language of Dora the Explorer. The language that the characters speak in this dub is Japanese, which is the language for Japan.

In Japan, it had been broadcast on Nickelodeon since around 2002, until its closure in 2009. The series was also broadcast on terrestrial TOKYO MX from October 2, 2006, on the Nickelodeon Plaza block, and was rebroadcast until September 2008.

From April 6, 2009, 52 episodes of the dub, with a different voice cast, began airing on six TV Tokyo affiliated stations, with the title of ドーラ. Premieres finished on the network on March 29, 2010, and reruns occurred at 17:30 to 18:00, on Thursdays from April 1 to September 23 of the same year. Seasons 4-5 episodes aired, out of order.

BS Fuji also began broadcasting the show from 16:00 to 16:30 on Mondays, from April 1 to July 29, 2013. Only the first 21 episodes in season 1 aired. From April 28, 2021, the dub is available to stream on the Nick+ (Rakuten TV) service in Japan. The Nickelodeon broadcasted version of seasons 1-4, and the Amazon Prime versions of seasons 5-6 are mainly used on the service.


  • Dora (ドーラ) - Kaoru Shimamura and Chika Sakamoto (Nickelodeon); Motoko Kumai (TV Tokyo)
  • Boots (猿のブーツ) - Kei Kobayashi (Nickelodeon); Nami Miyahara (TV Tokyo)
  • Backpack (バックパック) - Harumi Asai (Nickelodeon); Hana Takeda (TV Tokyo)
  • Map (マップ君) - Haruo Satō (Nickelodeon); Nozomu Sasaki (TV Tokyo)
  • Isa (イザ) - Noriko Suzuki (Nickelodeon); Sayaka Kinoshita (TV Tokyo)
  • Tico (ティコ) - Ayaka Kyo and Shima Fukagawa
  • Benny (ベニー) - Hana Takeda
  • Swiper (スワイパー) - Haruo Satō (Nickelodeon); Junichi Kanemaru (TV Tokyo)
  • Diego - Kaoru Shimamura and Chie Nakamura


  • Like nearly all of the show's dubs, the language that is taught in this dub is English, instead of Spanish like in the original.
  • When the dub aired on TV Tokyo, it was constantly the lowest-rated animated show on Japanese television. This is because any preschool shows from the West with fake interactivity, including Dora, have never been liked by Japanese children, as they do not like to be talked down to by other people like Dora itself, and any attempts to air shows like this format have resulted in low ratings nationwide than any animation produced domestically. Thus, future preschool shows from the West with fake interaction have never received an official release in Japan.